Export Services

From the purchase order, to the point of origin, and on to the final destination, OCLG has over 30 years of experience navigating the rules and regulations governing cargo exports. Reducing the amount of paperwork, and stress associated with the process of exporting, feel confident that OCLG will export your goods efficiently while offering peace of mind service to you.

Import Services

Navigating the importation of goods to the United States can be a confusing and daunting task for some. OCLG has the capabilities to offer our customers cargo import services that help simplify the process. Giving our customers estimated costs associated with importing their goods as well as the knowledge of knowing their goods will enter the U.S. without any delays.

Ground Services

From point A to point B, OCLG offers the best service, at the best rate, for your domestic transportation needs. Whether it be FCL, LCL, or oversized equipment, OCLG is able to assist our customers by transporting their goods domestically efficiently.

Value Added Services

The added value that OCLG offers its customers isn’t matched in the industry. From assistance regarding ITAR regulated shipments to acting as a Purchasing Agent for our customers, here at OCLG our main goal is to assist our customers by offering multiple services under one roof.